Lucky individual will be offered the job,
but only 80% will say yes to the offer

Hiring Funnel

The term “hiring funnel” is used by recruiters to calculate the number of applications they typically must receive to get a successful hire. What does this mean for you? It shows the impact that Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and hiring managers have on your odds of getting to the next step. Here is an example of a hiring funnel based on an online job posting.


Internet users will see a job post


Jobseekers will then start the application process


Applicants will actually finish the job application


Resumes will then be eliminated by an ATS (or a recruiter)


Resumes will make it to the hiring manager’s desk for approval

4 to 6

Applicants will then be asked to interview

1 to 3

Interviewees will be invited to a final interview