Use It or Lose It: 3 Ideas for Spending Your Remaining 2016 Hiring Budget

With December fast approaching, meeting your year-end hiring quotas is likely top of mind. How could failing to spend your 2016 hiring budget affect your recruitment budget for 2017? Here are three ideas to help you get your money spent well.
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8 Ways You Should Be Using Great Content to Strengthen Your Employer Brand

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of employer brand. Seventy-two percent of jobseekers indicate it has a significant impact on their decision to apply for and accept a position, and 69 percent report they will not take a job with a company with a bad reputation, even if they are unemployed. Here are eight content marketing recommendations that you can implement today.
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Career Page Checklist: Follow These 10 Tips To Attract More Quality Candidates

According to our 2016 MightyRecruiter job search behavior survey, nearly 85 percent of jobseekers will view your career page when considering your company. This checklist will help you ensure that your career page is attracting the attention—and the qualified jobseekers—that your business needs.
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eBook: Creating a Mighty Job Posting Strategy

How do you put a great employer brand to work with a successful job posting strategy? In this eBook, you’ll learn how to leverage the tools needed to create a job posting strategy that increases both the number of applicants you receive and the quality of those applicants.
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How 10 Companies are Leveraging Odd Perks to Boost Their Company Brand

Think you know the craziest perks companies are offering? Check out how these 10 companies are breaking from the pack with their unusual benefits.
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DocuSign Recruiter Increases Applications While Cutting Time to Fill Positions with MightyRecruiter
Senior Recruiter Karen Herman was challenged to find and hire talent in a highly competitive talent market, streamline job posting processes, and increase the candidate pool per job posting. Find out how she spent less time on job ads, increased applicants per posting and achieved faster hiring!
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Career Site Builder: Build your own branded career site in just a few steps! Choose images, video and more to attract great candidates to your organization’s job openings.

Find Similar Resumes: View your resume matches for a job in the Matches tab. Click on “Find Similar Resumes” at the bottom of a resume if you like what you see, and want more!

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New Year, New Employer Branding: How To Market Your Company To Passive Candidates in 2017
Refresh your employer branding skills by learning how easy it is to market your company to passive candidates. Join our webinar on December 19th, and start getting the most for your recruitment marketing dollars!
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