Messaging Job Seeker

Positioning Statement & Support

For jobseekers around the world, LiveCareer is the end-to-end destination for career information, guidance and support. From guided resume and cover letter creation, targeted job search and preparation tools to tailored research guides, LiveCareer has designed a suite of products with a single goal in mind: to bridge the informational gap between job seekers and employers so that jobseekers can stand out by telling their story, and find a job that fits their skills and workstyle.

Key Messaging

Tell your story - LiveCareer will help you tell your story. Because that is the value you need to make sure you communicate to your counterpart at all stages of your job search.

Resume/Cover letter: LiveCareer helps you build a customized, employer-friendly resume that will stand out and tick off all the “must-have” items on a hiring manager’s wish list.

Interview: LiveCareer offers expert advice to help you ace your interviews— including suggested answers based on your job search to likely interview questions filtered by industry and job titles.

Job Search and job alerts: Personalize your job search and filter through millions of jobs by location and job title. You will also receive daily job alerts that are tailored to the job titles and locations you’re interested in.

Company Directory: With employee reviews, salary information, and company bios at your fingertips, you can find the opportunities that fit your personality and workstyle.

Guidance - LiveCareer will help guide you every step of the way to ensure that you present your best self to your potential employer.

Resume/Cover letter: Step-by-step wizard that guides you through the process of writing and choosing the right words for each section.

Interview: Create a game plan for your upcoming interview with industry and job title specific tips and advice. **IGP will be repurpose soon, and this message will be updated.

Job Search: Get tips and advice for all elements of your job search. LiveCareer provides personality tests to determine your strengths and workstyle so that you can understand what kind of jobs and environments you will thrive in.

Company Directory: LiveCareer will help guide your decisions on your next potential employer by giving you the inside scoop from past and current employees of that company. Filter through information such as compensation level, culture reviews, location, benefits and employee resumes.

Expertise - LiveCareer has over a decade of industry experience, and has worked with thousands of employers on connecting them with the potential job seekers.

LiveCareer has helped connect over a million job seekers to jobs and employers that ended with a hire. We understand the needs of employers and translate that information into easy, and digestible content for the job seekers.

LiveCareer works with employers everyday on their online brand and job advertisement strategy with the goal of identifying, attracting, and retaining the best future employees.

Voice & Tone

2nd person: You/Your LiveCareer will emphasis the voice and tone of a mentor/guide to help the end user stand out in the job search process. Emotions to evoke: Confidence, Assurance, Hopefulness *These emotional benefits flow from adopting a tone of support and encouragement. *These feelings are not sold but suggested through our promise and product details coupled with a positive, can-do tone.

What to avoid:

  • Notion of taking control
  • Sense of urgency

Copy Blocks

75 Words

LiveCareer is one of the largest websites in the jobs and employment space. We have over a decade of experience, and have helped millions of jobseekers to reach their goals—and we can help you, too. From guided resume and cover letter creation to targeted job search and interview preparation, our tools are designed to help you tell your story to employers with confidence, so you can stand out and land the job you want.

50 Words

With over a decade of industry experience, LiveCareer is one of the largest website in the jobs and employment space. We provide powerful, customized job-search tools and strategies that will help you tell your story, prepare for interviews, and stand out from the competition so you can get hired faster.

25 Words

Stand out from the competition with LiveCareer. Build job-winning resumes and cover letters, prepare for interviews, and gain the confidence you need to get hired!

Messaging Employer

Positioning Statement & Support

LiveCareer is an employer branding and job advertising platform designed to help businesses around the world identify, attract, and retain talents. And, with over a decade of experience in the jobs market, LiveCareer provides a combination of intelligent targeting and, convenient and user-friendly design, \so that allows employers tocan focus on boosting their online brand and attracting the right candidates.

Target Audience: Recruiters & HR Professionals

Pain points:

  • Online reputation management sites (such as Glassdoor) are becoming an important piece when considering what company a job seeker wants to apply for. Managing that is a new problem for many businesses.
  • Too many recruiting tools to rely on from day to day.
  • Training and being adept at the different tools takes time and effort. And often times, tool sets change in a technology-driven world.
  • The challenge is filtering through the noise and identifying the best candidates to save time.
  • Have trouble writing effective job descriptions.
  • Price-sensitive

Proof points:

  • LiveCareer is trusted and used by millions of job seekers throughout their job search.
  • Company directory allows employers to manage their online reputation to attract qualified candidates.
  • JAWS uses professionally written and curated content to help recruiters create compelling and clear job ads to attract the right types of candidates.
  • JACK uses a rule-based algorithm to check existing job ads to improve the wording and format to attract the right types of candidates.
  • ROI messages:
    • None. Need to be developed as the employer side of LC grows.

Employer Product Messaging

Company Directory

Positioning: Company directory helps small and medium sized companies boost their online reputation through rich content, branded images and videos, and bi-directional communication with current and prospective employees.
Differentiators: TBD.

Job Advertisement

Positioning: LiveCareer’s job advertisement toolkit helps recruiters and HR professionals attract the right type of candidates by creating and posting compelling, easy to understand job ads. Differentiators: Combining rule-based algorithm and professionally written and curated content, JAWS and JACK can intelligently compose and improve job ads for recruiters to resonate with the right type of candidates.

Voice & Tone

Professional and friendly that is not over-sellsy. Businesses don’t buy for the voice & tone of the messaging, they buy for the business value we can provide them.

Copy Blocks

75 Words

With over a decade of experience in the jobs market, LiveCareer gives businesses the tools they need to identify, attract, and retain quality talent. Our job ad writer uses a rule-based algorithm and pre-written content to help companies create and post clear and compelling job ads, while our Company Directory allows companies to boost their online reputation through rich, branded content—allowing them to cut through the noise and find top candidates faster.

50 Words

LiveCareer is an employer branding and job advertising platform designed to help businesses find and hire quality people. We combine intelligent targeting with user-friendly design and professionally-curated content to empower companies to boost their brand, manage their online reputation, and create clear, compelling job ads that attract the right candidates.

25 Words

LiveCareer empowers businesses to identify, recruit, and attract quality talent faster. Easily create effective job descriptions, boost your brand reputation, and save time and effort.