Brand Promise

My Perfect Resume is the place all job seekers can go to easily get a personalized resume or a cover letter.


My Perfect Resume has helped over 1,000,000 users create a professional resume and land the job.

It is the market-leading resume builder for users searching for resumes with specific job titles. My Perfect Resume is a step-by-step wizard that guides users through an easy process to create a personalized resume.

My Perfect Resume offers a personalized experience for the user; it’s the easiest way to create a resume that showcases their unique qualifications for a specific job. It also provides writing help.


Give jobseekers the tools to easily create a personalized resume that promotes their unique skills, experience, and qualifications in order to land a specific job.

Positioning Statement & Support

For the younger and inexperienced active and passive job seekers, My Perfect Resume is the easiest way to customize a professional looking resume that can be printed and/or downloaded to present to apply for a job.

My Perfect Resume gives inexperienced job seekers confidence in their resume by simplifying and guiding them step-by-step through a personalized process. Users can select a customized, professional resume template, and enter their experience, education, qualifications, and work history. Users can also get writing help through personalized, expert writing samples and pre-written content, making it easy to get a resume just for them.

Brand Architecture & Definitions

Not Avaliable in Phase 1.


Sell Page
Reflects the resume & cover letter focus

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Stage in their journey
Job-seekers who need step-by-step guidance to create a resume and/or cover letter.

Immediate Need
They may not know where and/or how to start and may need hand-holding throughout the process.

Experience Level
More Inexperienced or ‘rusty’ with applying for jobs and lack confidence in their ability to create a professional-looking resume.

50% no college, 51% student/entry level job-seekers, 60% born after 1982 "millennials", 60% earn less than $32K.

Key Desires & Concerns

  • Need a personalized resume that showcases their unique qualifications for the specific job they are applying for.
  • Needs a builder that makes them feel confident in their resume.
  • Need assistance with writing. Guided step-by-step UX guides you through the process of writing each section.
  • May want personalized documents to download or print and apply for jobs.