Positioning Statement & Support

My Perfect Resume (MPR) is our Resume and Cover Letter Builder. It is for job-seekers who prefer step-by-step guidance to create a personalized resume and/or a cover letter.

My Perfect Resume gives inexperienced job seekers confidence in their resume by simplifying and guiding them step-by-step through a personalized process. Users can select a customized, professional resume template, and enter their experience, education, qualifications, and work history. Users can also get writing help through personalized, expert writing samples and pre-written content, making it easy to get a resume just for them.

Key Messaging


Customized Resume: we’ll help you choose a customized resume design based on your career field, experience, and career situation as well as the job you’re looking for. “Tell us a couple of things about yourself and we’ll match you with the right examples to tell your story”.

Personalized Keywords: we’ll give you a list of personalized keywords that recruiters will be looking for in your resume. Custom keywords are based on your unique experience, career field/industry, skills, and education.

Custom bullet points: pre-written industry-specific bullet points text to accurately describe your experience and how it will be personalized and relevant to the job you’re seeking.

Resume Customizer: we’ll help you customize your resume for the job you want by suggesting skills and custom keywords relevant to the job description. We’ll do all the work for you.

Auto Cover Letter: we’ll get your cover letter started with just 1-click. We’ll extract and suggest relevant skills and other information right from the job description that you can customize based on your background, skills and experience.


Guided step-by-step UX, step-by-step wizard that guides you through the process of writing and choosing the right words for each section.

Resume designs provided for you: the designs and the format of your resume are customized for you.

Simple step-by-step prompts: give us a little information about yourself and we customize your resume template based on your experience and the job you are seeking.

Simple drag and drop formatting: Interactive formatting tools allow you to tune up your design with simple drag and drop. Quickly change your spacing, margins, lines and make it unique to you. Make your resume one of a kind, stand out, and be unique.

Writing Help

Expert writing samples make it easy for you to sound polished and professional. For each section of your resume, we provide suggested text. Just click on the words that best describe you. Easily edit the text to make it just right for you. It’s so easy the resumes practically write themselves.No writer’s block, we get you started.

Powerful resume check: we error check to make sure your resume is mistake free. We review your resume and make suggestions to help you make the most impressive impression.

Advice and tips: we provide professional advice and tips for all elements and sections of your resume to make sure you make the best impression. Payoff is personalized for you.

Resume Writing Services

Professional Resume Review: an expert will evaluate your resume and write a personalized review, including a section by section analysis. We'll also check your resume for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors, and make specific suggestions for improvement.

Professional Resume Writing Services: a team of professional resume writing experts will write your personalized resume and/or cover letter for a fee. Different packages are offered based on your career situation, e.g. early career, experienced pro, leaders and specialists.

Brand Keywords

Below you’ll find the brand keywords. The keywords should be present in all messaging for creative pieces or directly while talking about the brand.

Ensuring we have these keywords in our messaging deliverables will help us reinforce the brand identity and differentiation.

Core Keywords

Industry-specific text examples
Personalized keywords
Personalized for you
Easy to Use
Industry-specific bullet points
Writing tips
Make a Perfect Resume

Supporting keywords

Pre-written custom text
Simple step-by-step prompts
Custom tools and features
Job specific
Specific job titles
the Resumes write themselves
Step-by-step guidance
no writing needed
let us guide you through the process step by step
14 day Full Access
innovative resume wizard
customizable formatting
Resume Check
Step-by-step wizard

Voice & Tone

My Perfect Resume’s voice and tone should always be friendly and action-oriented. It’s supportive and relatable, with just the right combination of expert advice and approachability. It should sound easy and provide step-by-step guidance, without being too formal.

  • Action-oriented - The user should be able to feel that he/she is taking the right actions to build their resume.
  • Expert but approachable - Professional advice that is easy to access.
  • Effective - Result-driven and geared toward getting a resume that will deliver results.
  • Friendly - We totally get you, you can trust us, and we’re here to help you
  • Supportive - We have all the tools and advice to help you build your resume.

+Personal, helpful, Voice: woman’s voice, casual.

Copy Blocks

75 Words

My Perfect Resume is the place all job-seekers can go to easily get a personalized resume or cover letter. It offers jobseekers a step-by-step wizard design that steps them through their resume creation, including simple prompts, hundreds of sample resumes, and the ability to customize their resumes and cover letters for specific job opportunities. Your perfect resume and cover letter are just a few clicks away!

50 Words

With our easy to follow tool, My Perfect Resume will guide you step-by-step through the resume building process, giving you resume tips and advice along the way. Your perfect resume practically writes itself!

25 Words

My Perfect Resume is the easiest way to create a personalized resume and/or cover letter, step-by-step to win the job.


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