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Fast and Easy way to create a job-winning resume for your job-search. Resume-Now is a top choice for job-seekers who need support and guidance throughout their job-search journey.


Over the past decade plus, Resume-Now has helped more than 10 million job seekers to quickly and easily find jobs.

Highly regarded by leading industry experts, Resume-Now’s Resume Builder lets you effortlessly create a professional-quality resume in minutes.

Resume-Now provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help jobseekers land the job they want. These tools have been developed in collaboration with a team of career development experts, certified resume writers, and recruitment specialists.


Give jobseekers the confidence that Resume Now will make it fast and easy to create a professional-quality resume that will help them get the job they’re applying for.

Positioning Statement & Support

Resume-Now (RN) is our Complete Job Search Toolkit: It is America’s Top Resume Builder for job-seekers who need support throughout their job- search journey.

Resume-Now gives jobseekers the confidence they need for their resumes, cover letters, and overall job search. The site guides them quickly and efficiently through a supported process for choosing a professional and relevant resume template; entering their experience, education, qualifications, and work history, and checks their resume for the most common mistakes that employers screen for. Resume-Now allows jobseekers to build, edit, download and print a stand-out, job-winning resume incorporating best practices - ensuring that it will make the best possible impression. Resume-Now also offers a full suite of job search tools (aka our job search toolkit) to help them get the job they want.

Brand Architecture & Definitions

Resume Now also includes Cover Letter Now, a cover letter builder that can be purchased as a product independently from the Resume Now subscription. Cover Letter Now focuses specifically on creating the most impressive cover letters with one click, offering cover letter examples, cover letter designs and writing help.

Cover Letter Builder, a feature of Cover Letter Now, is offered as part of the Resume Now subscription.


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Reflects job-search focus

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Stage in their journey
Job-seekers who need support throughout their job-search journey.

Immediate Need
Job Seekers who need an updated resume fast so they can apply for a job immediately.

Experience Level
An experienced (possibly older job seeker) looking for career tools to get noticed, improve their resume, get a job, advance their career.

50% no college experience, 50% student or entry level jobs, 48% experienced. 2% Executives. 50% make under $100K.

Key Desires & Concerns

  • Needs a stand-out resume fast to get the job!
  • Needs help in their job search & need confidence that they will get the job!
  • Help Writing & Creating or Editing a Resume, Looking for jobs, preparing for an interview.
  • May need multiple documents to download or print for their job search.