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Resume-Now (RN) is our Complete Job Search Toolkit: It is America’s best resource for job-seekers who need support throughout their job- search journey.

Resume-Now gives jobseekers the confidence they need for their resumes, cover letters, and overall job search. The site guides them quickly and efficiently through a supported process for choosing a professional and relevant resume template; entering their experience, education, qualifications, and work history, and checks their resume for the most common mistakes that employers screen for. Resume-Now allows jobseekers to build, edit, download and print a stand-out, job-winning resume incorporating best practices - ensuring that it will make the best possible impression. Resume-Now also offers a full suite of job search tools (aka our job search toolkit) to help them get the job they want.

Key Messaging

Fast - Create a job-winning resume in minutes

  • Select a professional resume design with a single click.
  • We enable you to enter your, job history and education (credentials) in an easy to use single-screen format.
  • One click download in multiple formats (PDF, Word, and more) or print and you are done.

Easy -Easy to get started

  • Select your professional resume design in one-click.
  • Single-Screen editor to make the process as effortless as possible.
  • Start using the WYSIWYG instantly - this makes creating a professional resume effortless.

Job-Winning- our job search toolkit helps you get the job

  • Focuses on job search with link to jobs.
  • Pick your professional resume design (from our selection of proven winners) to help you get the job.
  • We provide professional advice and tips for all elements of your resume to make sure you make the best impression during your job search.
  • User several job-search tools we offer to guide you through the job-search process.
  • We’ll help you with content based on your industry.
  • Job Tools provided to supercharge your job search!
    • Elevator Pitch
    • Interview Prep

Writing Help

  • With our expert pre-written bullet point text, we make it easy for users to sound polished and professional. Simply point and click to add relevant, editable text— No Writing Experience Required!

Brand Keywords

Below you’ll find the brand keywords. The keywords should be present in all messaging for creative pieces or directly while talking about the brand.

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Core Keywords

Quickly, Quick
Effortlessly, Effortless Experienced
Instantly, Instant
No more writer's block, No writing experience required
Fast, fastest
America's Top Resume Builder (proof)
America's Best Resource for Job-Seekers
In minutes
Create resume in minutes
Writing help
In minutes
Create resume in minutes
Writing help

Supporting keywords

Expert advice
Get the job
Suggested text
One-click designs
Confidence, Confidents
Proven phrases
Mistake free, error free
Job toolkit
Unlimited 14-Day Access
Highly recommended by industry experts
Resume Check

Voice & Tone

2nd Person: You/Your


  • Award winning professional designs and text suggestions to make the best impression.

  • Down to business, thoughtful but direct.

  • Appears professional, engages users in the same professional manner they will use to get the job.

Confidence building
  • Resume-Now is your trusted ally for helping you land the job.

  • Guides the user throughout their job search.

Copy Blocks

75 Words

Resume-Now is a top choice for job-seekers that need support and guidance throughout their job-search journey. Our goal is to help people “get the job” that they want or need, as quickly as possible. Users can instantly create professional-quality resumes and cover letters, plus take advantage of integrated writing examples, customized tips, worksheets, step by step job search guides, and video lessons on interviewing and various other topics. Subscribers have access to a personalized job board, salary calculator and expert interview tips. Resume-Now is the most impressive job-seeker’s toolkit available on the market today.

50 Words

Resume-Now is America’s best resource for job-seekers. Whether you’re applying for your first job, changing careers or returning to work, Resume-Now gives you the tools to help you find a career you will love!

25 Words

Resume-Now allows you to create a professional job-winning resume instantly along with the tools that will help you with your job-search.


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